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Absolute After Sales
Absolute After Sales

Absolute After Sales Srl /

an after-sales agency based in Turin
with a specific expertise in the after-sales
sector for manufacturing companies.

It has only one mission: to make after sales
both easy and an excellent instrument
for building customer loyalty.

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Absolute After Sales Srl

Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 3

10121 Torino

Tel. +39.011.0378290 RA
Fax +39.011.0378299


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  • We are at your side during the various risk analysis phases, we study and elaborate the specific safety pictograms to be applied on the parts of a machine which could present a hazard.

    To eliminate any possible
    residual risk.

  • Analysis / advice / we analyze the risks, verify and guarantee compliance with harmonized standards and analyze the technical documentation presently being used by the manufacturer because this is all part of our job.

    Our aim is to go beyond the state of the art and reach new standards of excellence.

  • We are at your side throughout all the phases
    of self-certification of your machines,
    from the EC marking up to the Declaration of conformity.
  • istruzioni-montaggio-barbie
  • Assembly instructions / making the most complex assembly instructions easy is the best way to make a product successful. In our creations, the images, the pictures, the drawings and the symbols contribute in giving technical indications in a clear, exhaustive and pleasant way. A montage well supported by certainties for your customers and which expresses the transparency and soundness of your company.

    For us, assembly instructions are a child’s play.

  • Absolute develops high-level assembly instructions destined to model-making, educational toys, furnishings and to all those products which require technical assembly indications.

    Each page make-up is integrated with a creative graphic project which gives value to your communication.

  • pezzi-montaggio-barbie
  • Assembly/disassembly instructions
    directly on your iPhone,
    smartphone or tablet acquired
    through specific applications
    or through the QR code
    applied to the product.
  • Istruzioni Uso
  • Use instructions / perspective view illustrations, pictures, symbols and texts written by specialized copywriters make the manuals created by Absolute an effective instrument for all machines’ and systems’ transport, installation, use and maintenance operations. Work can be carried out rapidly, safely and efficiently thanks to the extreme legibility and clearness of the information given.

  • Istruzioni Uso
  • Istruzioni Uso
  • The European Community 2006/42 Directive prescribes that each machine or system must come complete with use and maintenance instructions written in the user’s language. The instructions elaborated by Absolute are compiled in observance of specific harmonized standards for technical manuals.

    Our manuals are an instrument of your work and safety is the basis of each one of our manuals.
  • Parti Ricambio
  • Spare parts management through the web / it is through the spare parts catalogues that Absolute best expresses its philosophy characterized by the utmost thoroughness and consultation benefits. All energies are concentrated on the details and the anatomy of the overall structure.

    The layout and the coherence with the brand’s institutional image complete and distinguish the catalogues which always stand out for their extreme professionalism.

  • Parti Ricambio
  • ROLFO has chosen EASY  SPARE  PARTS® to manage their spare parts and the orders for them.
  • Lavazza has chosen EASY  SPARE  PARTS® to manage their own original spare parts and the orders for them.

  • Our systems exploit the web to automize the spare parts management and sales process, eliminating disputes, incomplete orders, wrong shipments, telephone calls, fax communications, production and print of paper catalogues.

  • The added value of our catalogues is rendered complete by the extreme clarity of the drawings, realized with an exploded prospective view so as to speed up the times dedicated to consultation and to be able to immediately identify the needed parts. All the single items respect the exact assembly sequence. Each sequence is subjected to a careful analysis, verification and improvement in order to ensure the maximum easiness of use.
  • Manutenzione
  • Technical assistance / technical assistance is one of the tenets of after sales actions and of the strategies for a sound relationship with customers. Promptness, concreteness and effectiveness of service operations give the final customer the grounds to judge a company’s overall value.

    Our manuals are an integral part of this advanced system aimed at excellence.

  • We provide assistance to those who give assistance.
  • A textbook action in all the world languages.
  • Technical assistance manuals contain all the specific instructions exclusively dedicated to the technicians who disassemble and repair machines, and who replace worn or damaged parts with original spare parts whenever necessary.

    Professional manuals designed for professionals.
  • Absolute transforms all technical information supports into real image instruments.
    To make them more complete, exact, practical and even better looking.